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    Issue 71

    • How to Ask for Reviews (And Get Them Fast)
    • Marketing Hacks (That Make Your Life Easier)
    • 10 Practical Local Marketing Ideas You Can Deploy Right Now
    • Facebook Ad Objectives…Explained

    Issue 70

    • 11 Marketing Ideas to Get You Through the Pandemic
    • Increase Your Website Conversions with These Online Tools
    • Why Your Social Media Game is Falling Short
    • What are the Most Important SEO Metrics to Track?

    Issue 69

    • Marketing on a Budget and Staying Afloat During the Pandemic
    • How Chatbot Marketing Works 101
    • How to Offer More Value to Your Customers During a Pandemic
    • How to get Your Customers to Promote Your Business for You!

    Issue 68

    • The Ultimate 60-Minute Business Audit
    • Your Next 30 Days in Marketing…
    • Navigating the Reopening of Your Business During the Pandemic
    • 5 Types of Video Marketing to Boost Your Business

    Issue 67

    • Covid-19 Resource Guide for Small Business Owners... Continued!
    • Remote Work Tools to Help You During the Pandemic
    • 5 Creative Ways to Use Facebook Messenger to Promote Your Business
    • How to Double Your Conversions with the Same Amount of Traffic

    Issue 66

    • Ways to Promote Your Business During the COVID-19 Crisis
    • How Does Your Business Survive Now?
    • How to Stay Connected When Your Staff is Working From Home
    • Keeping Your Business Relevant During a Pandemic

    Issue 65

    • How to Create a Relationship- Building Autoresponder Series for New Subscribers
    • How to Turn Your Fans and Followers into Paying Customers
    • Is Your Reputation Costing You Business?
    • The Best Loyalty & Rewards Programs for Small Businesses

    Issue 64

    • 6 Customer Success Metrics You Should Actually Pay Attention To
    • Step Up Your Game (and Revenue) with these Proven Email Marketing Strategies
    • 15 Great Ideas for Promoting Your Content to Drive Leads
    • Your Website Redesign Checklist for 2020
    Cover Mockup of Clicks Magazine Issue 63

    Issue 63

    • How to Spy on Your Competitors’ Facebook Ads
    • Get Optimized for 2020 - Your Local SEO Resource
    • 5 Ways to Engage Customers on Instagram – That Work!
    • Top Marketing Tools to Check Out in 2020

    Issue 62

    • 10 Marketing Ideas You Can Implement for Free
    • How to Bring Your Social Media Presence Back from the Dead
    • How to Target Local Customers Using Geolocation Marketing
    • Top Content Marketing Tools You Should Consider Using Right Now

    Issue 61

    • How Your Business Can Benefit from Chatbots
    • 8 Smart Ways to Power Your Business with Automation
    • Why Your Free Consultation Offer Sucks (And How to Fix It!)
    • How to Create Killer Local Content for Your Business

    Issue 60

    • How to Turn Your Website into a Lead-Generating Powerhouse
    • How to Get the Most Out of your Facebook Business Page
    • Hey Google: Should Businesses Take Voice Search Serious?
    • 8 Great Types of Content Marketing for Local Businesses

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