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Drive Traffic, Generate Leads & Make Sales Using Social Media

Looking for an agency or consultant in Vancouver with a track record of exceeding its clients' ROI expectations? Then read on to learn more about what makes us the right choice for your Vancouver Social Media Marketing needs.

Social Media Marketing Agency in Vancouver

People are Going to Love the Content You Share on Your Social Media Pages and You're Going to Love the Results

As a Vancouver Social Media Marketing agency, we're committed to making sure you get financial returns that are well in excess of what you invest. That means your investment in Social Media Marketing will not only pay for itself, it can continue to pay dividends for months and years to come through the many benefits your business will gain.

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Website Traffic

Drive Website Traffic

Get more website traffic by sharing links to compelling case studies, new blog posts, products & services & more.

Facebook Post on Mobile Phone
Social Post

Educate & Inform

Maximize audience loyalty by sharing lots of the kind of relevant content that's going to keep users engaged.

Facebook Offer Post on iPad
Coupon Code

Promote Offers

Get your phone ringing and your cash register ringing by sharing special offers and new products & services.

Facebook Shop on Desktop
Ecommerce Website Design

Integrate Ecommerce

Turn on the power of conversational selling by syncing up your online store with your businesses' social media pages.

Screenshot of Social Media Insights
Social Media Marketing Insights

Gain Actionable Insights

Optimize marketing effectiveness with insights into audience demographics, reach, engagement & more.

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Social Checkout

Generate Leads & Sales

Make sales & generate leads by sending users from your businesses' social media pages straight into your marketing funnel.

Social Media Marketing That Delivers Results

Interested in 3x, 5x, 10x – or higher – returns on your marketing dollars? Click on the button below to speak with a Vancouver Social Media Marketing expert.

Vancouver Social Media Marketing Services

What Makes us the Best Social Media Marketing Agency for Businesses in Vancouver

We've got over 10 years of experience helping businesses in Vancouver and beyond increase sales and achieve other business goals through effective Social Media Marketing. Here are some of the key features that help drive results.


Social Media Strategy

Strategy is the starting point for our mission to establish your business as a leader on social media websites.


Competition Analysis

Your competitors' social media footprints and activity can serve as sources of ideas & inspiration for your social media plans.


Audience Insights

Invest time & resources into the platforms your audience frequents & into the activities they respond to best.


Influencer Outreach

Leading industry influencers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more can help you grow your audience & generate leads & sales.


Engaging Content

Content that's Informative, educational, entertaining & promotional connects your audience with your business – and your bottom line.


Scroll-Stopping Visuals

Well designed visuals make your business stand out from the crowd and get your audience liking, commenting, sharing, growing, and clicking.


Paid & Organic

Organic promotion only goes so far, but a combination of organic & paid promotion can really get the numbers moving in the right direction.



An automated messenger bot can make sure that no customer or prospect inquiry ever has to wait for a reply from your business.


Analysis & Reporting

Deep, actionable insights into your audience make it possible to produce messages that connect with people.

Viral Sharing Contest

Social Media Marketing Agency in Vancouver

Advanced Social Media Marketing to Take Your Results to the Next Level

The basic best practices we employ in Social Media Marketing will give you a significant edge over your competition and ensure your business gets great results with the people you're trying to reach in Vancouver and beyond.

But it's our specialized expertise in Social Media Marketing, along with the Social Media Marketing “power tools” we wield – that truly empower us to take our clients' marketing effectiveness to the next level – and, in the process, deliver “next level” business results.

Social Media Marketing That Delivers Results

Interested in 3x, 5x, 10x – or higher – returns on your marketing dollars? Click on the button below to speak with a Vancouver Social Media Marketing expert.

Vancouver Social Media Marketing Experts

Why Trust us to Handle Your Social Media Marketing & Other Digital Marketing Needs?

From massive increases in online sales to huge intakes of qualified leads in highly competitive fields, our clients in Vancouver and beyond get results that pay back their Social Media Marketing and other marketing investments over and over again.

Before too long, online sales were up well over 1,000% and have had a major impact on the profitability of our business. And as they continue to tweak things, our online sales continue to rise.

Colette Pilgrim
Colette Pilgrim

Owner, She's My Florist


On top of designing a great-looking website, Total Local Online Marketing developed and implemented a highly targeted SEO strategy that has definitely been paying off in terms of leads coming specifically from the areas I wanted to target.

Eva Poulson Mortgage Broker
Eva Poulson

Mortgage Broker, Eva Poulson


If you're looking for a company that can help you get real results from your online marketing investment, then I highly recommend you get in touch with Total Local Online Marketing.

Joy Lindberg Petal Art Owner
Joy Lindberg

Owner, Petal Art


After our website redesign & some SEO work, our phone started ringing A LOT more & our inbox filled up with inquiries -  so much so, in fact, we had to start up a customer waiting list.

Terina Savard McGill Mini Storage
Terina Savard

Owner, McGill Mini Storage


The results speak for themselves: before the redesign, we were averaging 2 - 5 leads per month. In the first month after the redesign, we got nearly 50 leads - and they keep coming in.

Jeff Spivey
Jeff Spivey

Co-Founder, Global Security Risk Management Alliance


Not only has our website been a very effective lead generation tool, but the automated email follow-up system these guys put in place routinely takes cold leads and turns them into hot prospects. If you want results that are worth paying for, these are the guys to talk to.

Dave Tyson
Dave Tyson

CEO, CISO Insights


Social Media Marketing That Delivers Results

Interested in 3x, 5x, 10x – or higher – returns on your marketing dollars? Click on the button below to speak with a Vancouver Social Media Marketing expert.

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