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Clicks Magazine

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    Clicks Magazine Issue 86

    Issue 86

    • 7 Simple Referral Marketing Strategies for Your Business
    • Digital Marketing in 2022...What Trends You Need to Consider Now
    • Out of the Box Content Marketing Ideas to Try in 2022
    • 10 Digital Marketing Tools That Give You an Edge Over Your Competition
    Clicks Magazine Issue 85

    Issue 85

    • Video Marketing 101 for Local Business
    • How to Bounce Back from a Sales Slump
    • 7 Underrated Social Media Strategies You Should Be Using Now!
    • Why Your Business Needs a Lead Magnet
    Clicks Magazine Issue 84

    Issue 84

    • Social Media Marketing Trends Not to Ignore
    • Top 10 Content Marketing Tools of 2021
    • The Odds of Success: Which Social Media Platform Has the Best ROI?
    • Local SEO Strategies that Matter Most RIGHT NOW
    Clicks Magazine Issue 83

    Issue 83

    • A Guide to Setting up Online Orders for Your Small Business
    • How to Encourage Repeat Buyers…Again and Again!
    • How COVID-19 Changed Small Business Marketing
    • 5 Businesses Using AI to Get Ahead of the Curve
    Clicks Magazine Issue 82

    Issue 82

    • Getting Google to Fall Back in Love with Your Website
    • 10 Facebook Ads Tips to Boost Your Results
    • What the Future Holds for SMS Marketing
    • 7 Things Local Businesses Should STOP Doing on Instagram
    Clicks Magazine Issue 81 Tablet

    Issue 81

    • 7 Types of Content Small Businesses Should Focus on Right Now
    • How the Latest iOS Update Affects Your Facebook Ad Campaign
    • Testimonials, Reviews & Recommendations
    • Let’s Talk About Citations and why They are so Important
    Clicks Magazine Issue 80

    Issue 80

    • Content Marketing Mistakes That Cost You Customers
    • 5 Ways to Repurpose Content and Grow Your Customer Base
    • Elevating Your Customer Experience With AI
    • When is it Time for a Website Refresh?
    Clicks Magazine Issue 79

    Issue 79

    • 7 Things Google Hates and How to Fix Them
    • 9 Great Ways to Grow Your Email List
    • How to Use Psychology Hacks and Jedi Mind Tricks to Grow Your Audience
    • What Mobile Marketing Can Do for Your Small Business in 2021
    Clicks Magazine Issue 78 Mockup

    Issue 78

    • 7 Effective Ways to Market Your Business Without Breaking the Bank
    • How to Use YouTube to Market Your Small Business
    • Fresh Social Media Marketing Ideas for 2021
    • How to Use Hashtags to Grow Your Business
    Clicks Magazine Issue 77

    Issue 77

    • 8 Social Media Myths to Leave Behind in 2021
    • Direct Response Marketing Campaigns That Deliver Results
    • Where Are YOUR Customers: How to Identify Your Audience and Find Them Online
    • How to Reduce Your Unsubscribe Rate
    Clicks Magazine Issue 76

    Issue 76

    • Why Every Single Small Business Needs Digital Marketing
    • Here's How to Send Bulk Emails Without Ending up in the Spam Folder
    • The 3 Most Common Mistakes Everyone Makes with Facebook Ads
    • Google Local Service Ads Explained
    Clicks Magazine Issue 75

    Issue 75

    • Let’s Talk About How to Promote Your Business with TikTok
    • 10 Marketing Tools We Are Grateful to Have in 2021
    • Improve Your Email Marketing with These Tips from the Pros
    • How to Get More Conversions with Facebook Ads

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